An effective Therapy for Aids By Dr. Mohamed Samir A. Abdel-Rheem


Group A

Auto Immune conditions

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  Portal Vein
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  Gall Blader
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  CH. Eczyma

Group B

Pre-malignant, malignant conditions

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  Scquamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
  (SCC) Biopsy
  Lymphocytic percentage

Group C

Infections by microorganisms

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  CH. Osteomylitis

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Miscellaneous Group

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  CH. Varicose ulcer


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An effective Therapy for Aids

Mohamed Samir A. Abdel-Rheem
Cons. Of surgery, Damanhour National Medical Institute
Damanhour, Egypt.

In Feb.1993 I discovered the marvelous effect of very hot water on immune system, after many studies I could find a third type of immune reaction other than B or T types. There must be a different lymphocyte which I call it hot water cell or "Samir cell 'S' ". These cells gather around any cells showing variation or change in any gene inside their nuclei in different types of diseases, but these 'S' cells are inactive; very hot water when comes in contact with them activates these cells which multiply more and more attacking these altered or foreign genes destroying them causing cure of the diseases. So it's a kind of gene therapy. I used the boiling water locally and called this MOIST HEAT "MS" therapy. 

I could treat with great success many auto-immune diseases like psoriasis, rd arthritis, chronic eczema, scleroderma, pehcet's disease , lichen planus, lupus erythematosus, fibrosis .etc with complete cure in about 95% of cases, "Group A". Also I could treat many types of skin cancer with complete cure in all cases, "Group B". "MS" succeeded in treating microorganisms, in chronic osteomylitis, specific bacterial infections, diabetic foot infection, many fungi, papilloma virus, in warts and cervical erosions., "Group C". The great success was in establishing a method to treat chronic systemic viruses including AIDS, I could succeed in treating HCV, HBV and virus of diabetes mellitus with complete cure in about 70% of cases, but I couldn't use "MS" in treating HIV  as AIDS is very very rare in Egypt.

This work was scientifically discussed in many scientific conferences

1.      In March 1997, 15th annual meeting of Egyptian society of surgeons in Cairo, Egypt.

2.      In October 1997, Second scientific conference of science in Alexandria, Egypt.

3.      Published as a scientific paper in Alexandria journal of medicine in October 1997.

4.      Published in full details in a book in Arabic (Almaa Al Sakhen) Akhbar El Yom publisher, Egypt.

5.      In July 2002, 1st anniversary international congress of Egyptian Society of thermo-therapy in Cairo, Egypt.

6. The author was invited to present this method in front of bit life sciences' 1st annual World summit of antiviral conference held in China on  20-22 /07 /2008 .

How to treat AIDS.

1.      Patient suffered from AIDS in chronic stages is investigated fully, PCR for HIV and differential leucocytes count is done.

2.      Patient is put on bed on his abdomen to expose the  buttocks.

3.      4 cc of  local anaesthetic is given in each gluteal region intra muscular (NB inject slowly some fluid during introducing  the needle to anaesthetise  the area around the needle) the syringe is pulled and the needle is kept in situ.

4.      6 cc of boiling saline (distilled water) is taken from boiling site by the free syringe; injected slowly on each side via the fixed needle, then 8 cc on each side, 10 cc and  11 cc a total of 35 cc on each gluteal region. If patient is thin or under weight give 25 cc.

5.    The patient is set free, takes his usual medication, only give him analgesic and temperature must not rise above 39.5ο  to avoid coagulopathy and other hazards of high fever. High fever may occur rarely in some patients for one to two days. Sometimes pain, induration, redness at site of injection may occur but will subside gradually.

6.      PCR and leucocytic count is done every 7 to 15 days, lymphocytic count will increase up to 15th days then decline to normal level, PCR will show decrease in HIV count until complete disappearance of the virus within 60 days, even complication of AIDS will disappear,

(NB "MS" treatment of AIDS is easier more rapid and effective than HCV treatment by "MS".)

That's all for treating HIV or any systemic chronic viruses, single application can eradicate all types of viruses present at time of injection.

Moist heat "MS" therapy is so easy, cheap, effective, harmless, available and with wide range of therapy.

"MS" has direct effect on acute diseases like  urticaria, acute myositis, acute arthritis ..etc

It's the atomic weapon against none curable diseases.

Many thanks to our Great GOD for HIS Great Mercifulness.



1-     All the above mentioned diseases are forms pf successful trials and I mean by this paper to draw the attention of doctors to try this discovery in treating AIDS as no drugs are effective for this disease.

2-     A few weeks ago medical experts in New York discovered a new variant of HIV resistant to present suppressing drugs and they asked for new drugs to treat that disease.

Moist heat therapy is my answer. What's your opinion?

Mohamed Samir Abdel-Rheem
Consultant of Surgery, Damanhour National Medical Institute, Damanhour, Egypt.
E-mail :
Phone: +2 045 331 9895


How to avoid cancer cervix

It is well known that cancer cervix is the 2nd type after cancer breast in females. It is caused due to chronic viruses which cause cervical erosions(CE) in the majority of women.(CE) is a problem it causes painful coitus, bad discharges and infertility in addition to its serious complication of cancer.
HPV vacine does not protect against cancer cervix completely and it has some side effects.
Cautery by diathermy as a treatment for(CE) leads to infertility and recurrence is the role.

I used cautery but by boiling water which succeeded to treat (CE) completely . This is my method of therapy (moist heat) which was accepted and presented to the World Summit of Antivirals conference held in China in July 2008. Also approved and listed as a site of Amer Web Ring and TopicCraze in 2006.
The method is safe, easy 100% cure without any complications the cervical os returns normal as if in a virgin.

I will discribe the method as it can be used by a gyneacologist on volunteers at the begining:

1- During examination cotton is put in posterior fornix to protect vagina from hot water .

2- Boiling water is poured from a syringe with spinal needle on the erosion 4-6 times only and no need for other sitting; no anaesthesia is needed as cervix is insensitive to heat.

3- Patient is given antibiotic for 7 days analgisic if needed and vaginal douches daily.

4- Complete healing occurs in about 20 days leaving normal cervix with round os .

This gives women life long cure without cancer or any other complications and she even returns fertile.


Dr. Luck Montagnier won Nobel prize in 2008 as the discoverer of HIV.

Dr. Harlad Zur Hausen won Nobel prize in 2008 as the discoverer of papilloma virus as the cause of cancer cervix in females.

Moist heat could treat both conditions with cure rate up to 100%


Treatment of Birds flu and effects of smoking

Moist Heat can be used also in form of hot vapour to treat respiratory diseases.

In cases of Birds flu pt. can inhale hot vapour  which will kill the virus which is heat sensitive and prevent the death. Also normal persons can inhale hot vapour as prophylaxis against infection. For me I was a regular victim to human flu several attacks / year. Since 11 years I had never any attack as I used to inhale hot vapour, the same for my family.

For smokers they can get rid of chronic bronchitis and other respiratory effects of smoking by inhalation of hot vapour, as my brother did.


1.    Use of hot vapour must be under observation  of doctors.

2.    Details are present in my Arabic book (El maa, El sakhen)which means hot water. 

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